EAS4101 Final - QUESTIONS 2008

EAS4101 Final - QUESTIONS 2008 - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics...

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EAS 4101 - Aerodynamics – Spring 2008 04/30/08, Final Exam Name: __________________________________ 1 I. TRUE/FALSE (11 points total - 1 point each) 1. A thermally perfect gas implies that the gas is also calorically perfect. 2. Enthalpy does not change across a normal shock. 3. A body is said to be bluff if the majority of its drag is friction drag. 4. Boundary layers separate as soon as they encounter an adverse pressure gradient (APG). 5. The ݒ -velocity (normal to flat plate) is zero at the edge of a boundary layer. 6. A strong shock solution always leads to subsonic flow behind the shock. 7. A Prandtl-Meyer expansion can be thought of as a series of Mach waves. 8. The process through a Prandtl-Meyer expansion is adiabatic. 9. For a fixed ߠ , as ܯ decreases, ߚ increases until there is a Mach number below which no oblique solution is possible. 10. The flow in a boundary layer is always rotational. 11. The displacement thickness is a measure of the mass-flux reduction near the solid wall due to viscous effects. II. SHORT ANSWER Answer all parts of the question to receive full credit. 12. (3 pts) What is the difference between an inviscid fluid and an inviscid flow? 13. (6 pts) Below is a wedge shaped airfoil in supersonic flow. Assume that the Mach number and angle of attack are the same for each case. CLEARLY draw and LABEL the various wave phenomena that occur.
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EAS4101 Final - QUESTIONS 2008 - EAS 4101 Aerodynamics...

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