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Study guide- Chapter 8 - E MA 3010 Study guide C hapter 8...

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EMA 3010 Study guide Chapter 8 Know and understand the following things for Chapter 8: 1. Why would some edge dislocations be attracted to others and annihilate and other pairs repel. a. Why does this matter? b. For strengthening? c. For recovery? 2. What is the critical resolved shear stress? a. Why don’t all grains in a metal deform immediately when it is stressed to a certain level? 3. Know and understand four distinct means that are used to strengthen metals: grains size reduction, solid solution strengthening, strain hardening, strengthening with second phase precipitates (particles). a. What property is decreased anytime the strength is increased by any of these methods? b. Grain size reduction: Know the Hall-Petch relationship and the graph that describes it, also be able to sketch a plot of yield strength vs. grain size. Think about why these look different. i. If σ o is very small, what strengthening do you get if you decrease the grain size from 100um to 10um, a typical reduction by recrystallization treatment?
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c. Solid solution strengthening:
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Study guide- Chapter 8 - E MA 3010 Study guide C hapter 8...

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