Study guide- Chapter 16

Study guide- Chapter 16 - EMA 3010 Corrected study guide...

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Unformatted text preview: EMA 3010 Corrected study guide Chapter 16 Know and understand the following things from Chapter 16: 1. Be able to name and identify the different types of corrosion and understand their causes or conditions under which they occur, and the mechanisms by which they occur. 2. Understand and be able to write the anodic and cathodic reactions by which corrosion occurs in different environments, i.e., acidic, basic, neutral, and excess metal ions. 3. Understand the meaning of the electrode potentials by which the above reactions occur, and how to use the standard emf series to determine the overall cell potential for reactions between different pairs of metals. 4. Understand the conceptual difference between the galvanic series and the standard emf series. 5. Understand the different means of corrosion prevention, including inhibitors, cathodic protection, galvanizing, etc. 6. Know how to compute corrosion penetration rates (CPR) in mills or mm per year. 7. Understand the concept of passivity, and how some metals may show passive corrosion behavior in some environments and active in others. 8. Understand from eqns. 16.19 and 16.20 how temperature and metal ion concentrations affect the cell potential between two metals. 9. We will cover the majority of the topics in this study guide on Tuesday. The test material from Ch.16. will not include Sections 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, and the material on "effect of concentration and temperature on cell potential" on p.667. In section 16.5 on passivity, you should study the first paragraph about passive metals. ...
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Study guide- Chapter 16 - EMA 3010 Corrected study guide...

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