Homework No 4 eml 3100 2010

Homework No 4 eml 3100 2010 - Homework No 4 Due Friday July...

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Homework No. 4 Due Friday July 16 Assuming cold air standard assumptions 1. The compression ratio for an ideal Diesel Cycle is 17.8. At the beginning of the compression stroke the pressure is 100 kPa and the temperature is 25 deg C. The heat transfer to the cycle is 2000 kJ/kg. Determine the temperature and pressure at the end of each process in the cycle. Determine the thermal efficiency for the cycle. 2. For the cycle above, assume the engine consumes 8 gallons of diesel fuel per hour and that the heating value for the fuel is 138,000 btu/gallon. What is the theoretical power output of the cycle in Hp? 3. A 50 Hp diesel engine for running an emergency generator in a building has a compression ratio of 19 with a cutoff ratio of 1.8. It rejects its heat by way of cooling water that goes to a radiator. The cooling water enters the engine at 85 deg F and leaves at 110 deg F. What flow rate of cooling water is required in gallons per minute (gpm)? What size sch 40 steel pipe (inches) would you use to
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