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EML4304C HW6 - What is the mass flow rate of air at 10 °C...

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EML4303C Homework 1. (11.126) The air conditioner in a car uses R-134a, and the compressor power input is 1.5 kW, bringing the R-134a from 201.7 kPa to 1200 kPa by compression. The cold space is a heat exchanger that cools 30 °C atmospheric air from the outside down to 10 °C and blows it into the car. What is the mass flow rate of the R- 134a, and what is the low-temperature heat-transfer rate?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the mass flow rate of air at 10 °C? 2. (11.130) The refrigerant R-22 is used as the working fluid in a conventional heat pump cycle. Saturated vapor enters the compressor of this unit at 10 ° C; its exit temperature from the compressor is measured and found to be 85 ° C. If the compressor exit is 2 MPa, what is the compressor isentropic efficiency and the cycle COP?...
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