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Review Sheet TEST 1 - Review Sheet for Fall 2011 GEOG 1112...

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Review Sheet for Fall 2011 GEOG 1112 Test #1 (Box 2-1 not emphasized for now; skip details about water in Ch. 2 for now; skip adiabatic warming material in ch. 3 for now) “Focus on Temperature” lecture. A few questions will include math, e.g. solar zenith angle, albedo, and also using the Stefan-Boltzmann and Wien’s Laws. They will be similar to what I did in lecture and posted on eLC. (* = visual question, *** = math question) Why do we have seasons? Earth’s TILT, yes. But the tilt causes what? LONGER DAYS and MORE DIRECT SUNLIGHT in the summer hemisphere vs. the winter hemisphere. 1. What covers 70% of Earth? Water What covers the other 30%? Land . Where is a lot of this 30%? Northern hemisphere. Does this matter for weather/climate? Yes. 2. What is the study of short-term weather called? What is the study of long-term atmospheric averages/extremes called? Name a global problem that involves the latter, but lots of people try to use one day’s weather at one place to refute it. .. Short-term= Meterology, longterm= climatology –, global warming (not looked at by one cool day in the summer 3. What gas accounts for nearly 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere? Nitrogen. What gas makes up almost all of the other 20%? Oxygen. 4. What’s a trace gas? Gas that amounts for less than 1% of total atmosphere. Which one had increased due to cow burps? Methane, it has increased. Has it increased much recently? Which gas is bubbling up from the sea floor and thawing permafrost? Methane. Which gas is a variable gas but not necessarily a trace gas? Water Vapor is a variable gas not a trace gas. 5. What two substances in the Earth’s atmosphere are needed for the formation of clouds? Water vapor and aerosol (pollen, grains of sand, pollution, sea salt)
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6. T/F: carbon dioxide concentrations go up and down during a year because more people in the U.S. travel in summer. False- CO2 concentrations g up during the winter because the plants are dead and not photosynthesizing, thus not removing CO2 from the atmosphere 7. T/F: in Abe Lincoln’s day, CFCs were abundant, but their concentrations were reduced through the Emancipation Protocol. False- man made and it did not exist yet. The protocol was also called the Montreal protocol* 8. In the water cycle, which process occurs when: water vapor turns to liquid? Liquid turns to vapor? Plants emit water vapor? Condensation. Evaporation Transpiration. 9. What are the four main layers of the Earth’s atmosphere? Which atmospheric layer contains nearly all “weather”? Troposphere , Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere 10. Which atmospheric layer contains the “ozone layer”? Stratosphere. About what % of the atmosphere is in this atmospheric layer? About 20% of the Atmosphere. 11.
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Review Sheet TEST 1 - Review Sheet for Fall 2011 GEOG 1112...

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