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Notes 9-19 - vii Claves viii Guiro 2 Membranophones...

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Music 102 notes (9-19) The Percussion family- Idiophones& Membranophones, Percussionist Dr. Barry Larkin 1) Idiophones- instruments that produces their sounds from a) Definite Pitch i) Xylophone ii) Marimba iii) Vibraphones iv) Glockenspiel v) Steel Drums vi) Gong b) Indefinite Pitch i) Tam-tam ii) Cymbals-Turkish/Chinese iii) Triangle iv) Woodblock v) Shaker (maracas) vi) Castanets
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Unformatted text preview: vii) Claves viii) Guiro 2) Membranophones- instruments that produce sound through vibration a) Indefinite pitch i) Drums w/ raised rims (1) Snare drums (2) Tenor drums (3) Bass drums (4) Tom-toms ii) Drums w/out raised rims (1) Bongos (2) Congas (Djembe) (3) Tambourine (4) Frame drum b) Definite pitch i) Timpani ii) Octabams...
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