CHM 2045 Syllabus - CHM 2045 EG Engineering General...

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CHM 2045 EG – Engineering General Chemistry I – Fall 2008 Sections: 0703 – 0710 and 0712 – 0714 Course Note: This course is designed for engineering majors. The course covers all chemical concepts found in any CHM 2045 lecture course with a few real world applications and case studies added to provide engineering and design emphasis. Lectures: MWF, Period 2 (8:30 – 9:20 AM) in CLB C130 One discussion section meets each Tuesday starting September 2 at a specified period that corresponds to your section number. Instructor: Dr. Jeff Keaffaber (Key-fay-ber), Flint Hall 251, 392-1087 (email is recommended for contact) Office Hours: MWF period 7-8 (1:55 – 3:50 PM), TR period 6 (12:50 – 1:40 PM), and by appointment Teaching Assistants: Several TAs will be assigned to this course. Identities and office hours will be announced and posted on E-learning as soon as they are available. TA office hours are Text: Chemistry , Raymond Chang, 9 th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2007. Note Outlines / Past Exams: Note outlines for the course which includes some past exams and quizzes are available for purchase at University Copy and More, 1620 W. University Avenue, across from Flint Hall. Purchase of this item is optional and not required. Description: sequence. Topics include stoichiometry, atomic and molecular structure and bonding, states of matter, and reaction rates. Prerequisites:
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CHM 2045 Syllabus - CHM 2045 EG Engineering General...

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