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ENG 1101: Introduction to College (Academic) Writing Section: 2807 Location: MAT 117 Time: MWF p. 4 Instructor : Jenna Wood [email protected] Office: Rolfs 501 Office Hours: TBA Mailbox: 4301 Turlington Required Texts : Everything’s an Argument (Fourth Edition) by Andrea Lunsford The Little Penguin Handbook by Lester Faigley Course Objectives : The main goal of this course is for you to become a better writer. We will accomplish this goal in the following ways: 1. By studying the textbook to learn the basic elements of academic writing. 2. By critically reading published essays, analyzing those essays via reading response questions, and discussing our findings as a class. 3. By writing. A lot. Course Policies : Attendance 1. You are allowed only three unexcused absences per semester. 2. Any additional absences will result in a drop in your final grade. If you must miss an additional class, you MUST request an excuse from me 24 hours prior to the class in question and provide adequate documentation of illness, University-sponsored event, or religious observance. 3. Three tardies or early departures from class equal one unexcused absence. Academic Dishonesty One of the main goals of this course is to produce original academic writing. That said, plagiarism of any sort, or submitting work that you have produced in collaboration with any one else, is prohibited and will result in a failing grade for the assignment and/or the course. This is in accordance with the UF Honor Code, which governs all students. A full description of the Honor Code is available online at http://www.registrar.ufl.edu/catalog/policies/students.html . Other academic no-no’s include: misrepresentation of work, cheating, bribery, multiple
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ENC 1101 Syllabus - ENG 1101 Introduction to...

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