PE#3 - pulleys at C and G a Find the moment about point A M...

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EGM 2511 Exam 1 Fall 2XXX NAME (Last, First) ______________________________________ HW # 9 Section _________________ sorting no: SHOW YOUR WORK - BOX OR UNDERLINE ANSWERS – FBDs REQUIRED FOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS PE#3 The bundle of material at H has a mass of 25 kg, and the cable ECGH passes over frictionless
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Unformatted text preview: pulleys at C and G. a) Find the moment about point A, M A , of the two cable forces acting at point C (give answer in vector form). b) What is the magnitude of the twisting tendency on the door caused by the two cable forces (in other words, what is the component of the moment about the line AB)?...
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