PE#4 - G) and is loaded as shown below. The force at B is...

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EGM 2511 Exam 1 Fall 2XXX NAME (Last, First) ______________________________________ HW # 12 Section _________________ sorting no: SHOW YOUR WORK - BOX OR UNDERLINE ANSWERS – FBDs REQUIRED FOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS PE#4 : The frame ABCDEF is supported by a pinned connection at A and by the link FG (pinned at F and
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Unformatted text preview: G) and is loaded as shown below. The force at B is applied at an angle of 15 o from horizontal. a) Find the support reaction at F. b) Find the support reaction components at A. You may neglect the weight of the frame and link FG. Hint 1: 250/600 = 5/12 Hint 2: Think 5-12-13 triangle...
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