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EGM 2511 Exam 1 Fall 2006 NAME (Last, First) ______________________________________ Homework 15 Section: 1592 or 1593 or 1594 (circle one) sorting no: SHOW YOUR WORK - BOX OR UNDERLINE ANSWERS – FBDs REQUIRED FOR EQUILIBRIUM PROBLEMS PE#5. The bent rod ABCD is supported on the cylindrical shaft by the bearing at A and by the cable DE. Bent rod ABCD can slide freely in the y direction at the bearing, but the bearing prevents rotation about the x and z axes as well as preventing translation in the x and z directions.
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Unformatted text preview: The moment vector of the applied couple at B is parallel to the z axis and the 27 lb. applied force at C is straight down in the –y direction. a) By analyzing member ABCD, determine the required force in cable DE to maintain equilibrium. b) Calculate the required magnitude of the force P (which is parallel to z direction). c) Find all the required support reaction components (forces and couples) acting at A....
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