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Syllabus2511~f2006 - SYLLABUS ~ EGM2511 STATICS ~ Fall 2006...

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SYLLABUS ~ EGM2511 STATICS ~ Fall 2006 Instructors : Dr. Bhavani V. Sankar (1594) 137 NEB, 392-6749, [email protected] Dr. Pamela L. Dickrell (1593) 226 MAE-B, 392-1196, [email protected] Dr. David A. Jenkins - coordinator (1592) 229 NEB, 392-6105, [email protected] Office Hours : To be announced and posted. You may see any instructor or any teaching assistant for academic help. See also A Tutorial Sessions @ below. Only your instructor can make administrative decisions re: grading, exam attendance, etc. Text : Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics , Beer, Johnston & Eisenberg, Eighth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2007 Introduction : This is a basic core course in the engineering curriculum. The material covered is a foundation for many other courses and is used frequently by most engineers. Therefore, it is important that you understand the material well and become proficient in its use. It is our goal that you do well in Statics and it is our experience that successful students in this class read all the assignments, do all the homework and attend all the lectures.
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