Syllabus - EEL 3111C CIRCUITS 1 Sections Instructor SPRING...

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EEL 3111C: CIRCUITS 1 SPRING 2011 Sections: 592, 905, 1078, 2567, 3342 (2 nd period) 607, 926, 1070, 1131, 1194, 2555 (4 th period) Instructor: Dr. Ramakant Srivastava Professor (Emeritus) of Electrical and Computer Engineering Office: NEB 533 Phone: (352) 392-4961 Fax: (352) 392-8381 e-mail: [email protected] Course Website : will display syllabus, list of TAs with office hours for each TA, assigned Homework and solutions to all assignments, quizzes and tests. Additional relevant information and announcements may also be posted as necessary. Lecture Periods and Classroom : MWF 2 nd and 4 th periods. LARSEN 310 Office Hours: MWF: 3 rd period, MTW: 7 th th periods Teaching Assistants : Their names, allotted sections, and office hours will be posted on the course website. You may see any TA for assistance during their office hours. Textbook: Electric Circuits by Nilsson and Riedel Prentice Hall, 9 th edition or any other edition Required: A calculator that can perform calculations with complex numbers in polar as well as rectangular form. Grading Policy Theory: The total theory grade will be calculated using one of the following two criteria of your choice: Criteria 1: For those who do not opt for Final Exam. T th = 0.20 Q + 0.20 T l + 0.30 (T h1 + T h 2 ). Criteria 2: For those who opt for Final Exam. T th = 0.20 Q + 0.10 T l + 0.20 (T h1 + T h 2 ) + 0.3 (FE), Option to take the Final Exam or not will be given after the third test. 1
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Q is the quiz grade, T l is the lowest test grade, T h1 and T h2 are the other two test grades, and FE is the grade in the Final Exam. All the grades are normalized to 100. Theory grades will be based strictly on the criteria listed above, following an absolute
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Syllabus - EEL 3111C CIRCUITS 1 Sections Instructor SPRING...

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