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Instantaneous power absorbed by an energy element can be negative. DC Steady state means V and I are independent of time. dv/dt=0=di/dt Square voltage pulse is fed to an RC circuit, voltage across capacitor vs. time graph: concave down increasing slope then decreasing slope concave up. Ideal op amp values: Ao=infinite, Rin=infinite, Rout=0 Typical values of op-amp parameters: Ro=10-10^2 ohms, Rin=10^5-10^7 ohms, (Vp- Vn)=10^5-10^7 where (Vp-Vn) is dependent voltage source in series with Ro. Inductor voltage graph: concave up, decreasing, curved. Op-amp feedback resistor connected to inverting terminal to provide negative feedback. Negative feedback used in op amp to stabilize the output and avoid saturation for linear operation. Useful application of inductor: automobile ignition, relays, transformers. PSPICE component most clearly models ideal op amp: VCVS with very high voltage
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Unformatted text preview: gain. Primary reason for instrumentation amplifier instead of difference amplifier is it requires practically no current from the input source and it has variable gain. Current divider formula for two inductors: i1=L1/(L1+L2)*it where it is net current entering parallel inductors. Conditions are i1(0)=0=i2(0) Voltage divider for two capacitors: C1/(C1+C2)*vt where vt is net voltage across capacitors. Conditions are v1(0)=v2(0)=0. Op amp can perform: addition, multiplication, subtraction, differentiation, and integration. Is the principle of superposition applicable to power? No, it is application to v and I only. Not applicable because v*i is not linear. Voltage in an inductor is continuous for current to be finite....
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