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EGM 4313- Intermediate Engineering Analyses Spring 2011 Catalog Description: 3 credits - Ordinary differential equations, systems of ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, Fourier series, complex analysis. Equations of heat conduction, wave propagation and Laplace. Prerequisites: MAP 2302, EGM 3344 Text and Other Material: Text: Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E.Kryszig, J.Wiley and Co, 9 th Ed, New York. Contact Information: Instructor: David Mikolaitis Office : 316 MAE-A Phone: 392-7632 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: MWR, 7 th period Teaching Assistants: Name : Camila Francolin o Office Location: o Telephone: o Email Address: [email protected] o Office Hours: Name: Brian Roberts o Office Location: 321 MAE-A o Telephone: o Email Address: [email protected] o Office Hours:
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Meeting Times: 8 th Period (3:00 to 3:50 PM) MWF Meeting Location: NEB 100 Course Objectives: In EGM 4313 the student will learn introductory analytical techniques for the solution of (mostly) linear differential systems commonly found in engineering analysis. Included in the analytical techniques are Fourier series, Fourier Transforms, solution of systems of ordinary differential equations by matrix methods, and solution of systems of ordinary differential equations by Laplace transform methods. Solution methods will also be learned for some partial differential equations of importance in engineering (Laplace, heat conduction, wave) by separation of variables and d’Alembert’s method as a special case of the method of characteristics. Complex variables and the Cauchy-Riemann conditions will be studied with particular attention paid to the connection between analytic functions and solutions to Laplace’s equation. Contribution of course to meeting the professional component: This course contributes to the students becoming proficient in the analysis of engineering systems. In particular it supports several program outcomes enumerated in the Mission Statement of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, including (A1) and (M1): Using knowledge of chemistry and calculus based physics with depth in at least one of them (A2) and (M2): Apply knowledge of advanced mathematics through multivariate calculus and differential
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syllabus-EGM4313.workingCopy - EGM 4313 Intermediate...

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