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EEL Time 1. ( 0 2. ( f m 3. ( I ple L 3211 e limit: 50 m 30 Points) A 0.22 and a a) (1 b) (1 c) (1 d) (1 e) (1 co f) (1 g) (1 h) (1 b (10 Points) A fields indicat motor or a ge (10 Points) B 1. A 2. U 3. U edge that I ha minutes A 100-hp, 44 a synchronou 10 Points) W 10 Points) W 10 Points) W 10 Points) W 10 Points) W onditions? 10 Points) W 10 Points) W 10 Points) If y the motor? A rotating m ted. (5 Point enerator? Briefly name Add damper w Use a variabl Use a prime m ave abided b Sho C 40-V, 0.8PF us reactance hat is the in hat is the li hat is the re hat is the in hat is the to hat are the hat is P conv f E A is decrea You may n Sol achine (rota ts) What is th Sol e three ways windings ___ e frequency mover (manu by the UF ho w all work a Clearly state leading, -c of 3.0 . Th nput power t ne current o eactive powe nternally gen orque angle stator coppe at rated cond ased by 10% neglect R A fo ution: See ting in the d he direction lution: See of starting a __________ drive _____ ual start) ___ onor code. __ Si Test 4 and rememb any assump connected sy he efficiency o the motor f the motor a er consumed nerated volta
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Unformatted text preview: (i.e., the an er losses in th ditions? %, how much or simplicity e Text Pro irection show of the induc e Text Pro a synchronou ___________ __________ ___________ __________ gnature Name: _ ber to includ ptions you m ynchronous m y at fill load at rated con at rated cond d or supplied age E A of the ngle between he motor at r h reactive po y. oblem 5-29 wn) has the ced torque? ( oblem 4-5 us motor. __________ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________ de units! make. motor has an is 89%. Not ditions? ditions? d by the moto e motor at ra n E A and V ) rated conditi ower will be 9 rotor B R and (5 Points) Is ___ __ ___ __________ D e __________ n armature re te: 1-hp = 74 or at rated co ated conditio ) of the moto ions? consumed o d stator B S m the machine ___________ ec. 1, 2010 __________ esistance of 46 W. onditions? ns? or at rated or supplied magnetic e acting as a __________ _...
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