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Strain Gage Installations with M-Bond 300 Adhesive Document No.:11127 1 of 4 Revision 29-Jun-10 Micro-Measurements [email protected] Instruction Bulletin B-127-14 Micro-Measurements Strain Gage Installations with M-Bond 200 Adhesive INTRODUCTION Micro-Measurements Certified M-Bond 200 is an excellent general-purpose laboratory adhesive because of its fast room-temperature cure and ease of application. When properly handled and used with the appropriate strain gage, M-Bond 200 can be used for high-elongation tests in excess of 60 000 microstrain, for fatigue studies, and for one-cycle proof tests to over +200 °F [+95 °C] or below -300 °F [-185°C]. The normal operating temperature range is -25° to +150°F [-30° to +65°C]. M- Bond 200 is compatible with all Micro-Measurements strain gages and most common structural materials. When bonding to plastics, it should be noted that for best performance the adhesive flowout should be kept to a minimum. For best reliability, it should be applied to surfaces between the temperatures of +70° and +85°F [+20° to +30°C], and in a relative humidity environment of 30% to 65%. M-Bond 200 catalyst has been specially formulated to control the reactivity rate of this adhesive. The catalyst should be used sparingly for best results. Excessive catalyst can contribute many problems; e.g., poor bond strength, age-embrittlement of the adhesive, poor glueline thickness control, extended solvent evaporation time requirements, etc. Since M-Bond 200 bonds are weakened by exposure to high humidity, adequate protective coatings are essential. This adhesive will gradually become harder and more brittle with time, particularly if exposed to elevated temperatures. For these reasons, M-Bond 200 is not generally recommended for installations exceeding one or two years. For proper results, the procedures and techniques presented here should be used with qualified Micro- Measurements installation accessory products (refer to Catalog A-110). Those used in this procedure are: CSM Degreaser or GC-6 Isopropyl Alcohol Silicon Carbide Paper M-Prep Conditioner A M-Prep Neutralizer 5A GSP-1 Gauze Sponges CSP-1 Cotton Applicators PCT- 2M Gage Installation Tape SHELF AND STORAGE LIFE M-Bond 200 adhesive has a minimum shelf life of three months at +75°F [+24°C] after opening and with the cap placed back onto the bottle immediately after each use. Note : To ensure the cap provides a proper seal, the bottle spout should be wiped clean and dry before replacing the cap. Unopened M-Bond 200 adhesive may be stored up to three months at +75°F [+24°C] or six months at +40°F [+5°C]. HANDLING PRECAUTIONS
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Strain+gage+installation+with+super+glue - Instruction...

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