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EML 3301C Assignment: You are tasked with building a s weight of the structure is not t exceed 0.5 grams. As shown allowable height is 10 cm, and m inside the envelope but can be side of the bottom two loading use any material to construct yo limit. Your goal is to excel in th closest to predicted value, most in each category. Prelab: On the day of the competition, y structure and a VI to measure th These will later be part of your fi Final Design Report : This report will detail the design were met, analysis to predict ult the results, differences between done differently. Schedule: 4/5/11 Project i 4/5/11 – 4/7/11 Group fo 4/12/11 – 4/14/11 Lab will 4/19/11 – 4/20/11 Lab will 4/21/11 Testing d 4/26/11 Final rep Final Project Sp structure to support a 3-point bend loading con to exceed 25 grams. Each element of the str in the figure, the span of the structure is 3 maximum allowable width is 5 cm. The overall s any shape. You are allowed to overlap your s points. The contact points are cylindrical. Yo
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