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LAB EXAM 2: A SMALL INVENTORY SYSTEM CGS 2425 2007 Fall In this test you are asked to implement a small inventory system that keeps track of parts inventory for a store. You will implement two object classes: store and part . There are three data fields associated with each part in the inventory: partNo : identifies the part -- string (ex: XP04A ) partCost : cost of the part -- double (ex: 40.46) partQ : quantity -- int (ex: 60) The complete definition of part class is given below. class part { private: string partNo; double partCost; int partQ; public: part(void){partCost = 0.0; partQ=0; } // constructor part(string,double,int); // constructor void setquantity(int n){ partQ = n;} int getquantity(void){return partQ;} void print(); bool exist(string); //check if the partNo exists. }; part::part(string s, double c, int q) { partNo = s; partCost = c; partQ = q; } bool part::exist(string pn) { if( partNo == pn ) return true; else return false; } void part::print(void) { cout << partNo << " " << partCost << " " << partQ << endl; } There are four data fields associated with the store. -- partSet[] is an array of part objects, which store the inventory information. You may assume there are at most 100 different type parts in the store. -- number indicates the number of part type in the store. -- totalCost indicate the total cost for the inventory, which is the sum of products of cost and quantity of different type. -- revenue indicates the revenue of the store, which is the sum of the products of sale price and sale quantity of each part. The definition of store class with some methods is given below.
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class store { private: part partSet[100]; int number; double totalCost; double revenue; public: store(void){number = 0; totalCost = revenue = 0.0;} void readFrom(string filename); void addPart(string,double,int); void sale(string,double,int); void print(void); // given below }; void store::print(void){ for (int i = 0; i < number; i++) { partSet[0].print(); } cout << "Total Cost: " << totalCost << endl; cout << "Revenue:
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cpp_lab2_f07 - LAB EXAM 2 A SMALL INVENTORY SYSTEM CGS 2425...

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