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CGS 2425L - COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR ENGINEERS LABORATORY Spring 2009 Time and Location: T 11-E2, MAEB 229 Web Site: Instructor: Nikita (Mykyta) Boyko ( ) Catalog Description: Credits: 1; Corequisite: CGS2425. Optional laboratory course in conjunction with CGS2421. Course Objectives: Hands-on reinforcement of concepts covered in lectures. Project reviews, hints, tips, and one-on-one help with the TAs. Program Educational Objectives: Students will learn how to program which is a job requirement for many engineers in various fields of engineering. Students will develop problem solving skills. They will apply their knowledge of computer programming to practical engineering problems. Students will gain experience in project design and development. They are expected to write programs that meet specific criteria and deadlines. Students will develop a better understanding of computers and how computers impact our lives. Professional Component: Throughout the semester, students will receive grade for 4 programming assignments expected to meet specific design criteria. Topics: Discussion of CGS2421 projects, Code::Blocks C++ programming environment, C++ basics, statements, functions, arrays, characters and strings, pointers, structures, file processing, classes and operator overloading. Text Books and Equipment:
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