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EML 2023 – Computer Aided Drafting and Design Exam 1 27 February 2009 The front, top, and right side view of a part is shown below. Units are in mm. a) Create a part file using the UF metric template. Edit the file properties to enter your name, CAD number, and date. The part number is EXAM1 and the part name is BLOCK1 . b) Create the part. c) Create a drawing from the part. Insert and align a front view, top view, and right side view. These views should have their display style set to ‘hidden lines visible’ with tangent edges removed. You
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Unformatted text preview: do not need to add any dimensions to your drawing views. d) Insert an isometric view of the part. This view should have its display style set to shaded with edges. e) Name your part file exam1_XXXXX.SLDPRT and your drawing file exam1_XXXXX.SLDDRW where XXXXX is your CAD number. f) Email your part file and your drawing file to UFEML2023@gmail.com ....
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