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hw3-2 - 6x60.00° RIQE I 1.00 «I E".25 I V mm W =...

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Unformatted text preview: 6x60.00° RIQE I» 1.00 «I E?" .25 I V mm W =: Bill); SECTION AVA I.E75 2.00 .375 UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA IUF SPECIFICATIONS AND TOLERANCES IPARUASSEMBIV NAME. PULL" was: amawrss NOTED omuu warm norm rommNc Es wwmms MOJECIIO 5 In M} ASSEMBIV N mm c ADrIIlII’ruunl iNin Asszmaw NUMEER. canrmroum IMMEnInL- Malelinl =noupenineu= IEINISH: PousHEn 4 a COMPUTER AIDED GRAPHICS AND DESIGN PROJECT: HWSEI APPROVED I": c CRANE ENGINEER: ALGAIOR mm annlEn: tun/mm: om! APPROVED: 9/1/2nn9 sHEEIscAu: 1:I ISHEEINnMnEn: Iorl 2 ‘ v ...
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