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Competition Schedule EMAIL

Competition Schedule EMAIL - Subject EML2322L competition...

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Subject: EML2322L competition schedule (week of 7/27/10)… Attachment: Individual Evaluations EML2322L students: Below is the schedule for the competition week’s labs: Each group will have 5 minutes to properly wire their assembled robot The groups will run in order (i.e. 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) Prior to the first run, each group will give a 5 minute oral presentation addressing three points: 1. explain how the design works while highlighting key features 2. discuss differences between the final prototype and the design detailed in the 2 nd report 3. explain what you would do differently if you did the project again Each group will have 2 runs back to back Each group will be evaluated on whether their project meets the requirements set forth in the project description. This includes accurate POs, updated BOM & assembly drawings, ECN documents and a clearly drawn wiring schematic. After your 2 runs, we will take a photo of each group with your robot for the course webpage
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