Descriptive Geometry, Materials & Dimensioning HW

Descriptive Geometry, Materials & Dimensioning HW -...

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EML2322L -- MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY, MATERIALS & DIMENSIONING REVIEW Description: This assignment reviews concepts learned in EML2023 that are necessary for this course. If you have difficulty completing any of these problems, please spend extra time reviewing the material with the instructor or TAs before completing the design reports for this course. Refer to your CAD reference text as you work on conceptual, detail and assembly drawings, as well as bill of materials, fastener designations, dimensioning and tolerancing. This assignment is due next week in lab. Only neatly written work that is stapled together will be graded. Remember to denote your proper lab period on the cover page. Name: ____________________________________ Lab Period (i.e. W2-3):____________ 1. Make isometric sketches of the two parts you will make in lab during the next few weeks. Detailed drawings of these parts have been emailed to you. The sketches should be drawn full- scale . Draw two sketches of each part, showing both the front and back “sides” of the part. Isometric hand sketches are the quickest way to graphically communicate ideas, so it’s important we become proficient at making them. You can’t always tell your boss or co- worker, ‘I’ll be back in two hours with a CAD model’ when you’re trying to explain a concept. 2.
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Descriptive Geometry, Materials & Dimensioning HW -...

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