Notes for the week of 5-25

Notes for the week of 5-25 - EML2322L Students A few notes...

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EML2322L Students: A few notes about the design reports which are due next week in your lab section. Every group will turn in 1 combined report, but each student in the group must write their own Background Info section and Conceptual Design Generation section. The format must follow the Design Report Template available for download off the course web-page, as discussed previously. T he entire report must be placed in a standard 1” thick 3-ring binder for submission next week. The binder must have a clear rigid cover in which the Cover Page is placed. See the attached photo for an example. Reports with staples, paper clips, alternative size binders, etc. will be penalized. Please do not assemble the different sections last minute before lab, as the low level of effort will be clear. As stated in the syllabus, the reports will be collected promptly at the beginning of lab; any late reports will receive a 10% deduction for each hour they are late. The reports will be available so your
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