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EML2322L Quiz 2 (5/25/10) Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the lab and lecture. You can use any notes but do not discuss this information with other students. It is acceptable to leave a machine running: A. When cleaning the machine B. When changing tools C. When clamping the workpiece D. When measuring your workpiece E. When touching off to locate a reference point on the workpiece The maximum allowable material which can removed in a single pass on the mill or lathe is: A. Five thousands of an inch (0.005”) B. Fifty thousands of an inch (0.050”) C. Five tenths of an inch (0.500”) D. Five inches (5.000”) E. None of the above Which of the following rules does NOT apply when using the milling machine: A. Don’t touch any part of the workpiece or machine spindle while the tool is rotating B. Remove the parallels after clamping the workpiece securely in the vice C. Use only tapered shank tools in the mill collets D. Adjust the spindle speed while the machine
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