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EML 2322L Quiz 3 (6/1/10) Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the lab and lecture. You can use any notes but do not discuss with others. Select the measurement shown on the calipers: A. 0.1675” D. 1.675” B. 0.1775” E. 4.75 mm C. 1.775” F. 42.75 mm When changing spindle speeds on the milling machine the tool/spindle must be rotating: TRUE / FALSE It is acceptable to temporarily leave measuring calipers and parallels out while working on the equipment in the shop: TRUE / FALSE In general, fasteners come in two varieties: A. Acme and Buttress B. Wood and self-tapping metal C. Fine and course D. Single and double pitch Fasteners are primarily designed to do what? A. Clamp parts together B. Act as pivots and axles C. Locate parts with relation to each other D. Answers A & B E. Answers B & C Fine threads are always stronger? TRUE / FALSE Name: Lab Period: W1-2 / W3-4 / W5-6 (circle one) R1-2 / R3-4 / R5-6 Based on the procedure you were taught in the
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