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EML 2322L Quiz 4 (6/8/10) Answer the following questions based on the information presented in the lab and lecture. You can use any notes but do not discuss this information with other students. If you desire to drill a hole through the center of a circular hub, which machine would you use? A. milling machine B. lathe C. hand drill What type of thread is better for softer materials? A. coarse thread B. fine thread C. tapered thread D. interference thread E. C or D above Each group must provide the following before producing any parts for their projects: A. motor torque & speed calculations B. final CAD drawings C. purchase orders for any lab material D. all of the above What is the final measurement if we add 0.1” to the measurement shown on the calipers: ____________________________ Name: Lab Period: W1-2 / W3-4 / W5-6
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Unformatted text preview: (circle one) R1-2 / R3-4 / R5-6 The definition of horsepower is: A. 1 hp = .55 lb-ft / s B. 1 hp = 5.5 lb-ft / s C. 1 hp = 55 lb-ft / s D. 1 hp = 550 lb-ft / s Torque vs speed curves for electric motors are: A. linear B. parabolic C. exponential D. useless Gearing can be used to increase motor torque at the expense of what? A. motor power B. output torque C. output speed D. battery life Given a motor shaft speed of 150 rpm, a 6” diameter wheel and 75% efficiency, what is the linear velocity of your robot? Select the appropriate drill size for tapping a 5/16 coarse thread in aluminum: Select the appropriate drill size for tapping an 8 mm fine thread in steel: A. 0.266” (H drill bit) B. 0.277” (J drill bit) C. 0.290” (L drill bit) D. What do 8 m&m’s have to do with this ☺ ?...
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