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EGN 1935: . ECE (AD)VENTURES Revision 0 Spring 2009 Dr. A. Antonio Arroyo & Dr, Eric M. Schwartz 2-Jan-09 Page 1/ 2 2009 Catalog Data : ECE Adventures (2) Prerequisites: Freshman or Sophomore Standing. If you are unsure of your major or would like to learn about potential experiences of an Electrical and Computer Engineering student, this course is for you! In EGN 1935 you’ll learn about robots and experiment with sensors and actuators. This process will help you discover many basic ECE concepts. Grades are based on attendance and class participation. No exams. Textbook : Fred Martin, The 6.270 Robot Builder's Guide , MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, 1992 downloadable from our web site at . Reference : Joseph Jones, Bruce Seiger & Anita Flynn, Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation , 2nd edition, A.K. Peters Publishers, Natick, MA, 1998. Fred Martin, Robotic Explorations , Prentice-Hall, 2001. Coordinators : A. Antonio Arroyo , Ph.D., PE, Associate Professor, MAE-B 338, 392-2639, [email protected] . Areas of specialization: Machine intelligence, artificial intelligence, microprocessors and embedded systems microprocessors and embedded systems, expert systems, human-machine interaction, computer software and hardware systems, pattern recognition, digital signal / natural language and speech processing. Eric M. Schwartz , PhD, Master Lecturer, MAE-B 321, 392-2541, [email protected] . Areas of specialization: Robotics, microprocessors and embedded systems (hardware and software), digital design,
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Syllabus - Dr A Antonio Arroyo Dr Eric M Schwartz...

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