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Human Sexuality & Culture ANT 2301 Section 4106 Summer B: Mon-Fri, 2 nd period (9:30-10:45) Building NPB Room 1001 Instructor : Sarah Cervone Email: via e-Learning website Office: Turlington B329 (basement) Office Hours: T, W, R 3 rd period (and by appointment) e-Learning: Course Objective : This course will employ an anthropological approach to human sexuality through a cross-cultural examination of a broad range of human experiences related to biological sex and the socio-cultural politics of sexuality. Readings and lecture materials will address how biology and culture interact and affect human sexuality in different ways in different contexts. The class will also explore how structural forces (such as politics, environment, economy, religion and inequality) affect the human sexual experience, and how individuals exert agency to express, affirm and challenge predominant ideas and beliefs about sex and sexuality. This course will place a strong emphasis on diversity by illuminating how variation in the lived experiences of groups and individuals results a wide range of varied sexual experiences, meanings, and interpretations across cultures and through time. Goals : By the conclusion of this course, students will be able to: Distinguish between the biological aspects of sex and the socio-cultural constructions of sexuality, and identify how the two phenomena interact Learn to critically examine social and cultural influences on sexual knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors Develop a broader understanding of diversity in human sexuality by analyzing phenomenon within its specific socio-historical context, Contemplate the political and ethical aspects related to human sexuality, and how socially constructed ideas about sex and sexuality affect people Appreciate the role anthropological research in the study of sex and sexuality Class Design : This is an intensive six-week course. Success in this class demands regular attendance as well as completion of all assignments by the due date. In-class course content will include lectures, films, digital media and guest speakers. Students are expected to complete four
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ANT 2301 Syllabus - Human Sexuality Culture ANT 2301...

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