Final Review - Review Questions(for 2nd half of EGM3344...

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Review Questions (for 2 nd half of EGM3344) What are two common methods for solving system of nonlinear equations? What is the most computationally expensive part in using Newton’s method for solving system of equations? What is the practical remedy for it? How do you set up the problem for solving least square curve fitting? How do you use least square method to obtain a fitting for multi- dimensional problem? How do you extend the LSQ method for a polynomial to other types of functions? What is the coefficient of determination and what is the correlation coefficient? How do you measure the spread of data around the best fit curve? What is the main difference between least square fitting and interpolation? Why is the method of undetermined coefficient not good for higher order polynomial interpolation? What is the Newton’s divided difference method? What are its main advantages?
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What kind of similarity do you observe between the nth order derivative and nth order divided difference? How is the Lagrangian interpolation scheme constructed? How do you
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Final Review - Review Questions(for 2nd half of EGM3344...

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