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Page 3 - Sorting Number M— d(3 points Derive a central...

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Unformatted text preview: Sorting Number: M— d) (3 points) Derive a central gas opposed to forward or backward) difference approximation for the second de1ivative;f"(x) of a function f (x) using Taylor series concepts. (Hint: Your answer should be a function of xH, xi , and xi+1 .) (En/mm 9th HPmtflmoN Fen $600M Data/untrue 06W '36 VEILLVGU Bi VfiiMo Geno/mu) APP K. Fem l6! Ben/wean mo, eon reinvent/e M0 ‘5' W‘WVBTM HS «mews; HM FWP- m Dawn-nub: 9W1! MP. HT vecevunmfi G) T‘A’HOP: f, @ mflot <9 (mm: mu H mm In «KC-Ll: (HE )— FORM, 6‘) 90% 50¢ f‘rfi) 50km (10¢ ('30 WMF Him)» (an) “(MP F!Atl~HH-Ll Fall 2009 ...
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