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Page 7 - Sorting Number t l b(6 points For each of the four...

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Unformatted text preview: Sorting Number: \ t l b) (6 points) For each of the four optimization problems described below, fill in the blank to indicate Whether the problem should be solved using linear programming, quadratic programming, or ngnlingarnmginmliflg- a V Problem 1: minimize x12 — 4x1§c2+ 3x1' — 2x2 subject to 2x1 — 3x2, : 0 by changing 15. and 3.2. Type of problem: glfifllfiYlL w programming Problem 2: minimize 3x1 — x2 subject to @ 5x2 S 7 by changing/xL and x; Type of problem: NON” \‘LNE H1 programming Problem 3: minimize {$11051} + 3162 subject to 5xl +22c2 = 7 ‘ by changing x1 and 2c2 Type of problem: NON? \I N E R. ‘7- programming Problem 4: minimize x1 + 4x2 subject to 3xl ~x2 S 6 by changing x1 and x2 Type of problem: _—r£N(I_'W~— programming 7 Fall 2009 ...
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