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LOST TRIBES AND SUNKEN CONTINENTS ANT2149 Fall 2008 Dr. Michael Moseley The syllabus is subject to change. Updates to the syllabus and other important information can be found on the website. Website: (case sensitive) Was God an astronaut? Did space travelers establish ancient civilization? Were the Mound Builders of North America descendants of the lost tribes of Israel? Are Aztec and Inca pyramids related to those of dynastic Egypt? This course is a critical examination of why society asks such questions, and how archaeologists go about answering them. The focus is upon long distance contact and diffusion between alien people and cultures, why contact is fancifully perceived, how it in fact occurs, and what evidence survives. Lecture topics include: - The Nature of Scientific Inquiry - Why Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents, and Chariots of the Gods - Invention of the “Indian” - Critical Thinking and the Scientific Method - Assessing Diffusion and Contact - The Moundbuilder Myth - Pyramid Builders - The Bearded Gods - Eskimo and Norsemen - Great Zimbabwe - Conquests and Colonization - Castaways and Gods from Outer Space Required texts: The course packet and all texts are available at Orange and Blue Textbooks. 1) Frauds, Myths and Mysteries (6 th edition) – Kenneth Feder 2) Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction (any edition) – Paul Bahn 3) Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (any edition) – Mark Twain *
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