Final exam study guide 2008

Final exam study guide 2008 - Study Guide with Answers...

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Study Guide with Answers – Final Exam (2008) STUDY ALL OTHER STUDY GUIDES Lecture Terms and topics to know i. Forceful diffusion- invasion, conquest, colonization Geoglyph- Drawings and alterations of the land for birds eye view picture. Made by removing soil and exposing dessert ii. Tahuantinsuyu- Inca land of the four quarters Inca colonization techniques- move people from highlands to lowlands, Mitamaqs- military–agricultural colonies of loyal Quechua-speakers Inca imperial revenues/taxes- labor, taxes on staples, textiles Encomiendas- land and Indian grants to Pizzaro supporters Spanish and Inca conquest, colonization, and rule- how did inca beat people, how did Spaniards do it How did smallpox impact the Inca Empire? Killed emperor in 1527 2. What energy drives environmental change, where does it come from? Tactonic and solar Natural disasters a. Who is most vulnerable? Poor, old and young b. What kind of cultural change can result? Ideology, art, leadership, religion 3. How could global warming affect Florida? Rise seas 4. Global sea level rise is inversely related to what? Amount of ice on planet 5. Collateral disasters- disaster following another disaster. Moche 6. Castaway a. Who are they? Find themselves in alien place
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Final exam study guide 2008 - Study Guide with Answers...

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