Temple Mount Code is Key to History

Temple Mount Code is Key to History - The likelihood of...

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Temple Mount Code is Key to History Michael Drosnin claims that his discovery of a “Bible Code” is a landmark discovery in history. In 1997, Drosnin declared that he found hidden messages in the texts of the Torah and the first five books of the Bible. These hidden messages seemed to reference to modern events and past events. Now another man is claiming to have found a similar code of significance in. David Flynn believes that he has found the key to Newton’s unified field theory; and it is the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. This article makes some very hefty claims to be digested very critically by the reader. First of all: the “Bible Code”. This idea claims that major events in history have been prophesized in code in the bible and that theoretically future events could be found before they happen. What an ideal discovery to support religion, eh?
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Unformatted text preview: The likelihood of finding any sort of word combination one is looking for in a body of words so vast is very good! When one knows what to look for, it’s not hard for one to find it with some sort of decoding process. Anything could be found in a massive body of text if someone tries hard enough! The likelihood that this “Bible Code” is paranormal is not very good. A man against the credibility of the “Bible Code”, shown on the History Channel, has chosen a large text and tried to find a significant “code” in it. This man found various messages of past events in Moby Dick . This shows how easy it is to use any code system that can be thought of to find messages of significance in it. So, the denouncement of the “Bible Code” brings down the ethos of Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012 by Flynn....
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