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Why Lost Tribes Packet pg. 1

Why Lost Tribes Packet pg. 1 - ES E NTII‘HENTS AND RIOTS...

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Unformatted text preview: ES E NTII‘HENTS AND RIOTS GODS? NATURE on ARCBEOLDGY? A} Archeologieal data is of two types: physical chests and their spatial contest. B) There are few constraints on intermetation. C) The discipline has been defined by those who patronize it D) The vast majorityofthis patronage has come iiom European and now Wmtemindustrialioed nanons. E) Archeological hitmpretaticn has been governed by the pattmns of Westem perception. F) They have used the discipline to clarify their own nationalistic and moralistic concerns. PRINCIPLES OF WESTERN PERCEPTION: Cosmological principles of Order A) Divine order (The Great Chain ofBeing): A flow of organic life eneonmassing allthings. Has three principles (ha original, i‘i'th and 13111 century form): 1) pienlitude—there are a vast number of forms. 2) continuity—it is continuous, with no breaks. 3} gradation-it runs fi'omthe highest form (God) to the lowest form. AGE OF EXPLORATION: Coofi'oothlg the non-Western world. A) Must fit new data (the New World population) into the European cosmological crow—classification. B) Use cherished Weston values as counts: images—contrastive. l} morals 2} sexual habits 3) religion 4) econoui}F 5) government C) Stereotyping: There were over soon individual tribes in the New World at the time of contact. andaIlweredesca'ibed bythe same term JindianLlumpingappies and oranges on avast scaie. ' ' 1) Columbus: Described them as lacking in European accomplishment. 2) Vespucci: Emphasized their native charactetisfics-cannibaiistic, promiscuous, naked, etc. D) Image oi‘Deficienc},r l) Cortes-Aztecnl 52E! 2) Pizarrofilncanl 532 3} Each of these conquest of entire civilizations was relatively easily accomplished—we only recently (within the past two decades) assigned causality to the New World pandemic of 15] 9. CLASSIFICATION: CHRISTIAN C DSMDIHGY A) Outside Gods order—Wards of the Devil--North America 1) North American settlers desired land. 2) The land was occupied by Indians 3) Therefore they were classified as sub—human. 4} Which could then be used as justification for their removal--ethnocide ...
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