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Why Lost Tribes Packet pg. 2

Why Lost Tribes Packet pg. 2 - E Inside God's...

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Unformatted text preview: E) Inside God's orders—Wards of the State and Church-lath America ' 1} Latin American settlers desired labor. 2} 'I'hebest source oflaborvvas the Indian 3) Therefore they were classified as human 4) Not on the level of Europeans. 5) But as wards of the |[Ihurch and State. 6) Theyneeded to be cared for. 1?} As payment for their care, Europeans could use them for laberwslavery. CLASSIFICATION: CHRISTIAN SCIENCE A} Linnaeus: 1) Soughtto orderdivineereationbynammg itsparts. 2) Recognized one human kind 3) Divided them on biological and social bases. 4) These variables were mixed, and therefore the divisions were erroneous. 5) This errorhas plagued the study ofhtumns ever since. 6) It has resulted in poor causal associations between variables in historic and evolutionary sequences. DISCDVERING TIME DEPTH A) 1 3th centre-y interpretation of the earth under scripmral authority: 1) 4on4 BC creation date—based on biblical lineages. 2) presence of fossils of extinct forms and geological strata explained by multiple creationsucatastrophisrn. Neptunr‘sm—multiple floods. Volcant‘sm—rtnultiple volcanic eruptions. B) Uniformitarianism: Hutton (1 TBS) (initial tenets} and Lyell {133D} (explained all geological change—coined the term). 1) The earth is constantly changing. 2) These changes take vast amounts of time. 3} But they are the result of processes that are still in progress today. DISCflVERING EVBLUTIDNARY PRINCIPLES A) Malthns (HE'S): Highfertilityand a growingpopulaxion combinedudfltthescarcityof resources results in the degenmation of the human condition—the struggle for survival. E) Darwin {1 359) md Wallace: Combine Malthus' struggle for survival and Lyelfs Uniformitarianism to explain the might of new species. C) Spencer: Survival of the fittest—Uses Darudnian principles to reify the high position of Europeans onthe Great Chain ofEeingnifonly the fittest survive, and Indians are nor sundving very well, then Europeans are the fittest, an the most evolved humans. D) Morgan {18W}: Linear evohnionustereotyped and ranked humans on a scale of evolutionary progress. 1} Savagery~laclcing pottery. 2} Barbarism—-lacking a system of ‘Wfltmg 3) Civilization-epitomized by Victorian England and America. ...
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