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EML 4321 --- HW #2 Due 7 September 2011 1. Assume the routing in Figure 1.22 is complete. The times for setup are to set the machines up to process one lot of parts. The operation times are the times to produce one part on machines that have been set up. We will assume that the operators will get a 15% allowance for personal, fatigue, and delay in both cases. a. During production, how many parts can be produced in an eight-hour shift? b. How long will it take to set up all the operations? c. Considering both setup time and operating times, plot the total labor per part for lot sizes from 1 to 100 parts. 2. Consider Figure 2.11. If you are slowly cooling an alloy of 70% Cu and 30% Ni … a. At what temperature will solids start to form? b. What is the Ni percentage of those first solids that are forming? c. At what temperature will solidification finish? d. What is the Ni percentage of the last solids to form? 3.
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