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EML 4321 – HW #4 – Due 4 February 2011 1. Molten metal is poured from above into a sprue with an initial vertical velocity of 5 ft/sec at the top of the sprue. If the top of the sprue is 1 inch in diameter, what should the diameter be 6 inches below the top? 2. A die casting mold is held shut by four hydraulic cylinders. If a one-foot diameter sphere is being cast at 100 MPa, what force (tons) must each cylinder provide? 3. Consider Figure 3.45. What force (tons) is necessary to press (no re-pressing) the material before sintering to achieve 90% density after sintering of a 3” diameter cylindrical gear? 4. A strain hardening material obeys equation 5.7 with Y o =200 MPa and K=100 MPa. How much specific work (J/cm 3 ) is required to achieve a true strain of 0.5? 5. A rectangular-cross-section specimen is stretched in a tensile test. During the test it
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Unformatted text preview: decreases in width from 20 mm to 15 mm while the thickness changes from 0.6 mm to 0.5 mm. a. What is the plastic strain ratio? b. Is this material a good candidate for deep drawing? 6. A forging press has a 2 tonne hammer that is dropped 1 meter. How much energy (J) can be imparted to the impacted forging? 7. A hydraulic press is actuated by four five-inch-diameter hydraulic cylinders. Oil at 3000 psi is supplied to the cylinders. a. What is the maximum force (tons) which the press can exert? b. What is the total flow (gpm) required to the cylinders if the press is to travel at 1 foot/second? 8. A mechanical press has a 50 mm crank and a 600 mm link. If the crank is turning at 70 rpm, what is the maximum velocity (m/min) of the ram? (Note: whether to take the derivative of the velocity or just plot it to find the maximum is your choice.)...
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