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11hw11-13apr - edges per tool = 4 3 How many pounds of...

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EML 4321 – Spring 2011 – Homework #11 – Due Wednesday 13 April 1. Assuming r = 0, find the Taylor tool life equation if you have the following experimental data. (Hint: fit p, q, and C to the data.) (Note that we are assuming no error, noise, or scatter in the data.) v (m/min) f r (mm) T (min) 300 0.2 30 400 0.2 15 400 0.3 9 2. You have to make a part with a simple turning operation. Assuming the cost data below, calculate the cost of the part. Assume the use rate includes allowances for personal, fatigue, and delay. fixed cost of part (raw material and delivery) = $0.20 fixed time of part (handle, load, and unload) = 0.10 min volume to machine = 15 cm 3 b = 2.3 mm h = 0.2 mm v = 300 m/min use rate (labor, machine, factory overhead) = $200/hour time for tool change = 2 min tool life = 40 min cost of tool = $14.00
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Unformatted text preview: edges per tool = 4 3. How many pounds of oxygen are required for each pound of acetylene if there is complete stoichiometric combustion? 4. You have 5/32” diameter welding rods. They are fourteen inches long, but you can only effectively use a foot. You have to weld together ½” thick plate in multiple passes for a total length of ten feet. There is a 60 o bevel on the plates as shown in the drawing below. How many rods do you need? 5. Text problem P11.1. 6. On Sakai, see a paper (AB-IJMTM-…) Abhijit Bhattacharyya did while he was a student at UF. Using different symbols for different feeds, plot the maximum absolute values of the experimental feed, lateral, and axial forces as a function of the percent radial immersion for the cases shown in figures 9, 10, 11, and 12....
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