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11hw12-20apr - 2 What do the following additive process...

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EML 4321 – Spring 2011 – Homework #12 – Due Wednesday 20 April 1. When welding a carbon steel thick plate, the hottest temperatures for a given value of z are at the top surface where ξ = y = 0. If the weld pool extends from the center to z = 5 mm. (Hint: This establishes where the material is at T m .) You want to know how close you can get to the weld center without any of the material changing to austenite. (Hint: Figure 2.13 shows you must stay below 723 o C.) Assume T o = 20 o C and that v = 15 mm/sec.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What do the following additive process abbreviations stand for? FDM LOM RP SL SLS 3. In a GMAW welding process, b = 0.65 and k il = -55. a. What is the time constant? b. How long will it take for the welding deposition rate to return to 95% of the undisturbed value? 4. In a GMAW process, you are using 1.5 diameter mm steel wire. If the mean feed rate is 40 mm/sec, how many kg/hour of wire are you consuming if you are actually welding 40% of the time?...
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