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Comp-Prog-Extrusion-S2011 - of one method The program must...

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EML 4321 --- Spring 2010 Homework #5---------Computer Program #2 Write a computer program that will solve for the pressure distribution on a die while extruding. Solve for the following extrusion case: Material yield strength: Y = 120 + 15 1ε MPa Material initial temperature: 250 o C Material specific heat: 2.3 N/(mm 2 - o C) Entry diameter = 25 cm Exit diameter = 8 cm Entry velocity = 1.2 m/min Die angle (NOT half-angle) = 50 o Coefficient of friction = 0.3 Write a program that will calculate the following: 1. the final true strain of the material 2. the force (N) necessary to extrude 3. the power (kW) necessary to extrude 4. the exit velocity (m/min) 5. the temperature ( o C) of the extruded material (assume no heat loss to die) 6. the pressure (MPa) on the die as a function of distance (cm) from the die entry This input may be from a file, from the keyboard, or from data statements in the computer program or environment. (Your choice---your program only has to be capable
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Unformatted text preview: of one method.) The program must break the extrusion into 100 elements. The program must output items 1 to 5 above. Item 6 must be shown by a plot. It can be done by your program or by another program (Excel, MATLAB, or any plotting program), but NOT by hand. You are to turn in the following stapled packet by the START of class on Friday 18 Feb: a. A cover sheet with your name and your EML 4321 sorting number b. A listing of your computer code c. The 1 to 5 printout d. The plot corresponding to 6 You may submit the packet to my mailbox in MAE-B 233 by 11:15 a.m. on 18 Feb or you may submit it at any earlier class. You are to email your computer code to [email protected] by 12:50 on 18 Feb Hints: 1. You probably want to start calculating where 1σ x =0 2. Make sure that you have your signs correct 3. N/(mm 2-o C) = (N-mm)/(mm 3-o C) = (J/mm 3 )/ o C...
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