11exam2--25mar - 1 Name:_ UFID Number:_ EML 4321 Student...

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1 Name:________________________________________ UFID Number:____________________________ EML 4321 Student Number: _________________ EML 4321: Manufacturing EXAM 2 — 25 Feb 11 There are 8 questions for a total of 100 points. The time limit of 55 minutes will be strictly enforced. It is your responsibility to complete this long exam within that time frame. Please work efficiently and accurately. Choose the best or closest answer. Open book, open notes. (However, waste time with written materials at your own risk!) Calculators are the only type of electronic devices which may be used. CIRCLE the correct answer when alternative answers are given. Please remember to show your work when appropriate
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IGNORE THIS PAGE --- EXAM STARTS ON THE NEXT PAGE --- Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer lacinia egestas laoreet. Nullam et mi et lectus dapibus dignissim vel quis lacus. Duis et sapien sem. Praesent at neque libero, at auctor nibh. Integer nec risus ac odio ullamcorper aliquam ac non dui. In convallis lectus quis felis dapibus sodales. Vivamus odio odio, egestas ac bibendum ut, condimentum feugiat quam. Etiam molestie neque vitae neque facilisis eu semper nunc varius. Suspendisse ut bibendum metus. Nunc lacus dui, sodales vitae semper ac, dignissim ut orci. In condimentum nisl vitae ipsum tristique in placerat lectus tristique. Suspendisse commodo, lorem eu tristique sollicitudin, lacus libero sagittis nisl, et ultricies tellus est vel mauris. Duis felis neque, pharetra sit amet convallis ac, molestie quis quam. Etiam ac purus mi, at rutrum mauris. Curabitur auctor, magna sed malesuada malesuada, neque arcu volutpat neque, sit amet varius lectus magna eget libero. Cras urna nisi, mattis et eleifend at, condimentum auctor neque. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad
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11exam2--25mar - 1 Name:_ UFID Number:_ EML 4321 Student...

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