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The question format will be similar to sample example paper Total of 3 question will be in the exam One question (with sub parts) each primarily from Chapter 3 and Chapter 5 and one will be a TRUE or FALSE questions( see sample exam) Important sections in Chapter 2 Electronegativity Properties of Materials (melting point, modulus, thermal expansion coefficient) with respect to bonding Force vs distance and energy vs interatomic distance curves Chapter 3: BCC, FCC, SC, HCP – APF, density, number of atoms, linear and planar density
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Unformatted text preview: Coordination number, etc. Planes, directions, distance between planes X-ray diffraction –Bragg Law – interpret microsructure Chapter 4 Vacancies and Interstitials, calculation of defects Substitutional defects; Hume Rothery Rules Line and Surface Defects= descriptive only. Chapter 5 Diffusion Mechanisms Diffusion Coefficient = Temperature dependence Ficks Ist Law Steady vs Non Steady State Diffusion Distance Ficks 2 nd law - Boundary conditions – error function solution...
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