Exam 3 - 2 is3 3 A6 4 atreA 3\iblt.o.kt Cr.r" ‘x ri...

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Unformatted text preview: 2 is3 3 A6 4?- atreA , 3 \iblt.o.kt Cr.r"? ‘x ri 3-1 ? F A , ecy EMA 3010 TIME 50 MINUTES; MAE B 211 10.40 - 11.30 am. April 1, 08 CLOSED BOOK; ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS; FORMULAS AND CONSTANTS ARE GIVEN BELOW; YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BRI NG A CALCULATOR Formulas: R * = 2 y/Gv for homogeneous spherical droplet nucleation 2: A hemispherical droplet of radius "r" homogeneously nucleates during a liquid to solid phase transformation. The surface energy associated with this nucleation is given by "y, and the volume free energy for the solid and liquid phases is Gv (a) Calculate the total free energy change (deltaG) for this nucleation process as a function of the droplet radius. 10 points} (b) Determine the critical radius for nucleation in this case.{Please show your work} [10 points] (c) Based on the above answers can you comment on the ease of nucleation of spherical droplet compared to hemispherical droplet. [ 5 points] IPSS -16pyp 01- 1(c.,( iactiu.c -rat kPAAA-4"."1 i '5 eqC iez 4 , y v v 0 cod rtic le‘) 4 o f it°...
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Exam 3 - 2 is3 3 A6 4 atreA 3\iblt.o.kt Cr.r" ‘x ri...

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