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Assignment - Take-home Exam 2 Synthesis and Processing Due...

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Take-home Exam 2 : Synthesis and Processing Due Date- 21 st March, 2010 You can form groups of up to 7 persons. Only one submission is required. Maximum 1 page answer per question is permitted. Each question may be multiple correct answers. You may choose only 1 method. Please consult other literature to come up with an answer. Synthesis and Processing: 1: You would like to synthesize 50 nm nanoparticles of silica in colloidal solution for a new toothpaste. If the particle size distribution is large, then the abrasive properties of silica would vary leading to a poor product. Describe a process to make a concentrated suspension ( > 10%) silica particles. Comment on the ability to control the particle size, particle size distribution, particle shape and contaminants in the solution. 2: You would like to make an amorphous metallic glassy tape which acts as detector for theft prevention of retail goods. The amorphous microstructure is needed to ensure that the magnetic hysteresis is minimized. Describe a process to achieve a amorphous
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