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Sheet1 Page 1 4.Stress strain curves of polymers and metals, elastic deformation and plastic deformation. Aluminum Alloy: elastic stretching, elastic limit, yield strength, offset yield strength, plastic deformation, tensile strength, breaking strength, elon g 6,6 Nylon: Linear Elastic Deformation, Nonlinear Elastic Deformation, Yield Strenght, Necking, Plastic Deformation, Tensile strength For elastomers (rubber), the curve is mostly all elastic deformation. For Thermoplastics the curve looks like that of 6-6 nylon s h Elastomers- polymer chains consisting of coil-like molecules that can reversibly stretch by applying a force
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Unformatted text preview: [rubber (tires)] Thermosetting polymers- Long chains, linear or branched, that are very strongly cross linked and form a 3d network. Stronger b Thermoplastics- behave in a ductile manner. Long chains. Can be amorphous or crystalline. Can be untangles by applying stress. Upon heating thermoplastics soften and melt. Easily recycled. [PVC (piping)] Increasing temperature in polymers has the following effects:-decrease in elastic modulus-reduction of tensile strength-increase in ductility...
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