5.Final notes - E=V/l= electric field, V/cm (sig)=n q (mu)...

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Sheet1 Page 1 5. N-type and p-type semiconductors. Difference in conductivity between metals and semiconductors. Temperature dependen c N-type: adding an electron. Group 5 (Arsenic, Phosphorous, or Entinum[Sb]) Excess of - charge P-Type: missing an electron. Group 3 (Boron). Excess of + Charge Conductivity= (sig) i/A= (sig)*(V/l) J=i/A= current density, A/cm^2
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Unformatted text preview: E=V/l= electric field, V/cm (sig)=n q (mu) n=number of charge carriers (carriers/cm^3) q= charge Coulombs (mu)= mobility of the carriers = v/E v= drift velocity cm/s Temperature dependence of resistivity (ro)= (ro)(room temp)(1+(alpha)(delta)T) (delta)T=T-T(room temp) Add problem here ****...
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